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I don't know man, I was planning on buying Kareem and Cameron's Commissions... But holy shit this is too good of an offer to pass up! sold!

Is it $10,000 per picture, or per stick figure?

whats the joke that you can't open commissions and make a living off of what you love? They must be hacks for making art their form of income. I know you're just mad that you can't so keep calling professional artists hacks.

Support me on Patreon! Don't forget to also check my twitch stream where I livestream pranks in public (GONE SEXUAL) where you can donate every time I sexually harass someone, like Cameron. Also, I'm working on a game that will only happen if I get support on Fig. I have 1 day of development left and I need for this to happen. Is that so wrong man? To make jokes that entertain and express my emotions instead of lashing at out at people. I am who I am and you can't change that, heck I can't change that, I'm a salty dog.

Edit: I just realized you meant I was hating on artists with commissions. No, I don't feel that way, commissions are a service you provide in exchange for monotary compensation, why would I be against that, it's just a joke. Same with Patreon, Twitch, and Kickstarter, it is a service where you provide something and you get money for that service. I may be personally against those websites, but that doesn't make them bad.



I thought you did commissions?

I do

I could even kill for this stuff!!!

Then kill your family for it.

@mobilespider listen, I just want to say you constantly following Bill and making fake accounts about him really shows your intense obsession with him. I really don't know why you care about Bill's jokes so much you're willing to try and destroy him. Blordow does this type of humor in his cartoons as well making fun of other animators, but I don't see anyone hating on him. I'm honestly not for a lot of Bill's views and I would do Commissions soon, and maybe even a Patreon. I told bill "listen, when I do this, you can make fun of me all you want, I'll just be laughing my way to the bank. But you know what, i'll still be laughing along with him, because at the end of the day it really doesn't matter to me, it's his own opinion and I have my opinion. I've grown to like you Mobile because you're real, but sometimes, it's just best to actually go out and do shit instead of wasting your time going out of your way to troll and diss other people with parody accounts and videos.

holy shit what a bargain

0/10 Not sexial enuff.....

Needs more Trump.

Is there some sort of joke here that I'm missing?

Listen you dirty muslim fuck, i want you to draw an extremely detailed portrait of one of your fat sweaty titties. If this request isn't done by tonight i'm unsubscribing from your channel and leaving dislikes on all your amazing Mac and Jim cartoons you have 24 hours.