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2017-01-08 01:24:43 by NabibbleJr

Hello, fellow Eddheads, be sure to check out this nifty collab right here!

Important Announcement

2016-12-12 19:10:13 by NabibbleJr

Hold on guys, let me put the Cintiq™ pen down.

NEW Mac and Jim (on YouTube)

2016-05-05 00:42:34 by NabibbleJr

For those of you that don't know, a new episode of my series "Mac & Jim" is out on YouTube, part 1+2, plus some extra shorts will be in one long "megacut" video later this year, so stick around for that.


Hey, check out this sweet music video by PosterBoyJason of SickAnimation's song "PASmas"!

Music video by Jason on Marc M. channel

Anime Amigos 3.33 in 7 DAYS

2015-09-27 14:45:09 by NabibbleJr

Hey guys, been a while since I made a post, but the new Anime Amigos is coming out Oct 4. MARK YOUR CALENDERS! I did some help for it too, I worked on a few mech scenes for it, so thats cool that I worked on it.


Hey there cool kids, I decided to publically share my commision pricing and info.  So why don't you hit me up and get yours today!


NEW TOON on YouTube

2015-05-15 01:58:19 by NabibbleJr

I got a new cartoon done, but its only up on YouTube cause this will be used for a collab on Newgrounds.

New Toons

2014-11-12 00:02:26 by NabibbleJr

Alright, so when i finished that PewDiePie aniamted I went back to my big project and I hated it, so I deleted it.  But don't worry, I got 2 other cartoons I am making right now, so expect those soon.  Plus one of them will have a detailed storyboard from me, a bit of a plus I guess.