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Hey, everyone, really sorry to tell the news but it's true I'm not making cartoons anymore. Haven't touched a cartoon in months and I've found/trying to find other things that I enjoy in life, got a family, plus my eyesight is going due to Keratoconus. This seems all over the place but I'm tired of being tied to my work. I bust my tail off for a long time on a cartoon and its not worth it in the end. I love making them but I don't want to waste my life making them. I want to see the world, experience things, grow. I dont want to lower the quality on my work anymore and I'm unable to compromise. I made less animation, stronger poses, better sound design, it's not enough and I cant lower the work anymore. I really love Mac and Jim and I'll return to it in time, maybe as an animatic, or perhaps a final special if I accumulate enough crypto wealth, we'll see. Thank you all so much for supporting me for all these years knowing that I was still making these cartoons, I really appreciate it.

As for those who mocked me and what I did, I'm glad you guys didnt make it either. Ryan, Urbs, Janitor. Fuck y'all. For Ryan, cause I want to get this off my chest. Have fun making your unintelligent video essays Digibro Jr. The ideas you present are so barebones and lacking any kind of real talking point to appease the YT algorithem. I love how you made a video on sound design when you yourself have way too many sound effects and they're way too loud. Also in your Evangalion video the part where you say "this would be a lazy 3d tracking shot if done today. Tracking shots are dope and require more effort than you claim. Lastly, the near hour long video where you bridge Chris Chan and Joker, cringe.


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